Wednesday, 12 May, 2010

Weightless Heavy

"Ouch, what's this?", I screamed as she sat down on my lap to tease me.

"Oh, sorry", she apologized hiding a sheet of paper behind her.

"What are you hiding", I asked curiously.

"Nothing, ignore it", she continued, "OK, tell me if I leave you forever".

"I have many options and they are not as heavy as you. You would have killed me if you had sit on my lap for one more second", now I was teasing her.

"Well, sometimes your questions create fear in my mind", I became serious,"You know how much I love you?"

"Yes, I do", she confessed,"OK dear, we are getting late, I think we should leave now. Bye, take care".

"Bye, love you", I bid her adieu.

Then we didn't meet for about a month. And one day, I got a news which changed my life. She left me forever. I went to her home where her Mom gave me a note written by her daughter.

It read,"Dear, that day I was hiding my reports. I had cancer, last stage. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. How could I? Dear, you used to call me your angel and see I've become one. Now I'm not heavy like before. Don't you know, the angels are weightless? Now you can use your options. Take care, love you".

The note felt heavier than her.

19 After Thoughts:

ThomG said...

First, welcome. This has a weight to it, a heaviness. Like the subject.

Zave said...

And someone's loss is the heaviest of all.
Well written my friend.

Leo said...

hmm, the heart is heavy reading it. nice use of the words Deepak.

Angel said...

That was very sad.

Andy Sewina said...

Welcome Deepak, this is a sad, but well told story, my heart goes out to all concerned.

Shruti said...

Heavy. Cancerous. I can so relate.
The only difference is that she is fine now.

Strong post!

Leonard Blumfeld said...

Sad and touching!

Deepak said...

@ ThomG: thanx for the warm welcome and the praise.

@ zave: ya true. glad u liked it.

@ leo: oh.. thank you very much leo.

Deepak said...

@ angel: yes really.

@ andy: thanx a lot sir. sad has always a weightage i guess.

@ shruti: thank god she is fine. god bless.

@ leonard: thanx very much.

Shas said... broke my heart in the end. Well-written.
Keep it up!!

Amity said...

Beautifully executed but with a sad ending...

You write well!

Now following you!

Deepak said...

@ shas: aww....I'm so sorry dear I broke ur heart unintentionally ;-)

@ amity: thanx a lot dear for the praise and following :-)

Deepak said...

@ shas: aww....I'm so sorry dear I broke ur heart unintentionally ;-)

@ amity: thanx a lot dear for the praise and following :-)

songofsea said...

Awww deepak, i dint expect that end :(
Well read like these makes me wanna love all de people in my life even more.I fear losing em.

Deepak said...

@ songofsea: yes, fear is the root of all problems I guess :-)

glad u liked it. thanks

one more believer said...

this is very sad.... trust is everything... tho she did leave a note

Deepak said...

@ one more believer: yeah, trust is everything, u r rite. glad u liked it.

Geeta said...

Lovely execution of the prompt...
it was a sad tale


Deepak said...

@ geeta: thanx very much. yeah it was sad though.

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